Our youth ministries include interactive programs designed for the younger set, Sunday School, worship participation
and athletics for everyone in grade school through high school. We offer diverse programs designed to enrich our community of young people.

For information on our programs, hover your mouse over any of the icons below for a description and link.

  • Hope and Joy - Grades K Through 5
  • GOYA - Junior High and High School
  • Sunday School - Religious Education
  • Altar Servers - Ages 8 and Up
  • Myrrhbearers - Ages 8 and Up
  • Athletics - Basketball, Volleyball & More
  • Little Lambs - Ages 0 Through 4
  • 4th Annual Youth Retreat & Lock-In
  • Vacation Bible School Begins June 27, 2017
  • Futsal League is Back!
  • Young Adults BBQ Picnic On July 6!
  • Diakonia: Donating to the Sierra Club of Puerto Rico
  • Watch the Christmas Pageant 2017 Hosted by Sunday School