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Myrrhbearers – Ages 8 and Up

A Beautiful Tradition for the Young Ladies

Young ladies ages 8 and up are invited to participate in one of the most beautiful traditions of our Church.
The Myrrh Bearers represent all that is good and holy in our Christian faith.  They were there, “early in the morning,” to find the empty tomb and received the word from the Angel that ‘He is Risen’ and to announce that message. They faithfully ministered to Him and followed Him throughout His ministry on Earth.
The women followed Jesus during his earthly ministry in Galilee, providing for him and his followers out of their own means (Mark 15:41). They remained faithful to him even during the most dangerous time of his arrest and execution, and not only stood by the cross but accompanied him to his burial, noticing where the tomb was located. Because of the impending Sabbath, it was necessary for the burial preparations to be brief. Jewish custom at the time dictated that mourners return to the tomb every day for three days. Once the Sabbath had passed, the women returned at the earliest possible moment, bringing myrrh to anoint the body. It was at this point that the Resurrection was revealed to them, and they were commissioned to go and tell the Apostles. They were, in effect, the apostles to the Apostles.
For this reason, the myrrhbearing women, especially Mary Magdalene, are sometimes referred to as “Equal to the Apostles.”
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