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Sunday School – Religious Education

Building the Foundation for A life of Orthodoxy

We invite your children to participate in our Sunday School program each Sunday during the regular school year.
All families are strongly encouraged to participate. Come learn, grow, and worship with us. The Sunday School year begins in September and ends in June each year.
Be sure to visit our Sunday School Facebook page.
Mission of The Assumption Greek Orthodox Religious Education (Sunday School) Program
The mission of the Assumption Religious Education program is to mold the lives of our students in the Orthodox Christian way of life. We accomplish this by proclaiming the teaching of Holy Scripture and Holy Tradition and to develop each student spiritually to live a Christ-centered life, to worship and serve the Lord and His Holy Orthodox Church. Support this mission by:
  • Valuing religious education
  • Regular attendance
  • Be on time
  • Bring needed materials to class
  • Support enrichment programs
  • Know the teacher
  • Communicate when problems arise
  • Respect and follow rules of courtesy
  • Participate in enrichment activities
  • Notify when address, phone or email changes
Through our program, we hope our children will not only make new, long-lasting friendships, have fun but they will fundamentally build a moral compass that will guide them in later years to what is right and what is true.
For more information, please contact the church office by phone at (562) 494-8929 or by email at

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