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Sunday Services

Matins – 8:45am

Divine Liturgy – 10:00a.m.

We encourage everyone to join us every Sunday morning for worship, fellowship and community. We celebrate matins and the Divine Liturgy weekly, with community socials immediately after in the Betty Reckas Community Center.
The Divine Liturgy is considered the most significant ancient Christian service, not so much for its phrasing and words as for its meaning. In fact, the Divine Liturgy was in practice right after the descent of the Holy Spirit on the Disciples of Christ on the 50th day after His Resurrection, as the sacred writer of the Acts of the Apostles records (Acts 2:46 ff). The Divine Liturgy in its swaddlings at the beginning of the Christian era consisted of free hymns and prayers for the officiating of a certain framework of faith. It was officiated long before the beginning of the writings of the New Testament. The Divine Liturgy as such was the center of the inspiration of the first Christians in their communion with God and with one another.


The sacrament of baptism in the Orthodox Church is the rite of entry for an individual. Through baptism in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, one becomes a full member of the Orthodox Faith.
God is active in our lives. It is He who joins a man and a woman in a relationship of mutual love. The Sacrament of Marriage bears witness to His action.
The death of a Christian not only affects the family, but also the entire Church, for we are all part of the Body of Christ. The Funeral Service comforts those who mourn; it is also the means through which the Church prays for one of its members who has died in the faith of Christ.
The Orthodox Church remembers the departed in the prayers of every Divine Liturgy. Besides this, there is a Memorial Service in which the Church also remembers the dead. According to tradition, the Memorial Service is offered on the third, ninth, and fortieth day after a death, as well as on the yearly anniversary of the death.
40-Day Churching
On the fortieth day after birth, the parents brings the child to church where the priest conducts the service of 40-Day Blessing or “Sarantismos” for the mother and child.

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