Don’t have enough time to bake traditional sweets for Pascha? Leave it up to the talented ladies of Philoptochos who will do it for you! Tsourekia, Koulourakia, Kourabiedes, Melomakarona, Bakalva and beautiful red eggs!

Pre-orders are now being accepted by calling Voula at the church office (562) 494-8929 or email Kathy Bastas via email at

  • Tsourekia =$15.00 (available April 9, Palm Sunday)
  • Koulourakia = $8.00 –1 dozen
  • Kourabiedes = $10.00 –1 dozen
  • Melomakarona = $10.00 – 1 dozen
  • Baklava = $2.00 a piece

Remember to place your order, as we sell out quickly. Prepay to avoid long lines on April 9th!

We thank everyone for your continued support.