Worship Services, Meetings and Activities

Sunday, 10/16

  • Δ’ Λουκά. 4th Sunday Luke
  • Orthros 8:45 am, Divine Liturgy 10:00 am
  • Festival “Thank You” lunch after church services
  • Daughters of Penelope Bake Sale
  • Sunday school
  • Bookstore open

Tuesday, 10/18

  • Senior Christians Pot Luck 11:30 am
  • Parish Council meeting 7:00 pm

Wednesday, 10/19

  • Panagia’s Little Lambs 10:30 am – 11:30 am
  • Adult Orthodoxy class & Bible study 6pm – 7pm
  • Greek school 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm

Thursday, 10/20

  • Αρτεμίου μεγαλομ. Γερασίμου Κεφαλληνίας.
  • Artemios of Antioch, Gerasimos of Cephalonia
  • Orthros 9:30 am, Divine Liturgy 10:00 am

Friday, 10/21

  • Futsal game 6pm – 7pm

Sunday, 10/23

  • ΣΤ’ Λουκά. 6th Sunday Luke
  • Orthros 8:45 am, Divine Liturgy 10:00 am
  • Philoptochos General Meeting
  • Sunday school
  • Bookstore open

Saints and Feasts

  • The Two Soldiers martyred with Saint Longinus
  • Sunday of the 7th Ecumenical Council – On the Sunday that falls on or immediately after the eleventh of this month, we chant the Service to the 350 holy Fathers of the Seventh Ecumenical Council, which gathered in Nicaea in 787 under the holy Patriarch Tarasius and during the reign of the Empress Irene and her son, Constantine Porphyrogenitus, to refute the Iconoclast heresy, which had received imperial support beginning with the Edict issued in 726 by Emperor Leo the Isaurian. Many of the holy Fathers who condemned Iconoclasm at this holy Council later died as Confessors and Martyrs for the holy Icons during the second assult of Iconoclasm in the ninth century, especially during the reigns of Leo the Armenian and Theophilus.
  • Longinus the Centurion – This Martyr was in the service of Pontius Pilate at the time of Christ our Saviour’s Passion. While standing guard at the Cross and beholding the earthquake and all that came to pass, he cried out with fear, “Truly this was the Son of God” (Matt. 27:54). After the Resurrection, he forsook the military and departed for Cappadocia, his homeland, where he preached Christ. By the agency of Pontius Pilate, Tiberius Caesar had him arrested and beheaded.

Festival News

Dear Festival Volunteers, as a small token for all your hard work and dedication, the festival committee would like to invite you all to join us for lunch today Sunday Oct. 16th in the hall right after church services.

Dino Syrengelas, Festival Chairman.

Social Hour
October 16, 2016

Sponsored by Philoptochos.

October 16, 2016

On October 23rd, our first general meeting will be held in the hall immediately after Divine Liturgy. Our guest speaker will be Yota Batsaras who will introduce us all to LOOK GOOD, FEEL BETTER. GO PINK SUNDAY will also be on OCTOBER 23rd. So put on you pink clothes and support the Breast Cancer Awareness on Philoptochos General meeting.

Sunday School
October 16, 2016

Next Sunday October 23, 2016 Sunday School will be teaming up with our Philoptochos Ladies, during Sunday School, to “Make a Difference” an event that will encourage our youth to do good deeds for the long beach community.

God Bless:

Your Sunday School Director; Presvyter Jessica Kanakis

Greek School
October 16, 2016

Save the date October 30, 2016 for the Greek School’s “OXI” day luncheon and celebration following church services.

Adult Orthodoxy Class and Bible Study
October 16, 2016

Come and Learn! A new Adult Orthodoxy Class and Bible Study begins in October mostly the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays from 6pm to 7pm at the church library with Father Christo. You are all welcomed to join the class and learn something new.

Save the date
October 16, 2016

Save the date Saturday, November 12, 2016 for the Metropolis of San Francisco Gala. Reserve your room by visiting the website https://aws.passkey.com/g/58058324, or by calling 949-759-0808. For additional information please visit: www.sanfran.goarch.org or call 415-753-3075

October 16, 2016

If your name does not appear in the Stewardship list, please return your 2016 Stewardship Card as soon as possible. Thank You

October 16, 2016

Remember to stop by and take a look at our beautiful gift items, books, greeting cards and icons.