Sunday, 5/6

  • + Της Σαμαρείτιδος. Sunday of the Samaritan Woman. Orthros 8:45 am, Divine Liturgy 10 am.
  • Altar Boys: Team Mark – Aris Roubanis C, Alex Roubanis C, Emilio Platis, Mateo Platis, John Confrey, Dimitri Spiropoulos, Dimitri Stavros, George Stavros.
  • Sunday School
  • Bookstore open
  • Choir Practice 9:00 am

Wednesday, 5/9

  • Panagia’s Little Lambs 10:30 am – 11:30 am
  • Greek School 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm

Friday, 5/11

  • GOYA Volleyball practice 6:00 pm

Sunday, 5/13

  • + Του Τυφλού. Sunday of the Blind Man. (Mother’s day) Orthros 8:45 am, Divine Liturgy 10 am.
  • Altar Boys: Team Matthew – Elias Eleopoulos C, Dennis Dalkos C, Panayotis Christidis, Alexander Eleopoulos, Nikolas Eleopoulos, Paul Dunbar, Andrew Girgis.
  • Sunday School Graduation and Mother’s Day Brunch
  • Bookstore open
  • Choir Practice 9:00 am

Saints and Feasts

Job the Prophet – This faithful servant of God, the most perfect icon of all virtue, and especially of patience, was the son of Zare and Bosorra, and was the fifth from Abraham. He was true, blameless, just, devout, and abstained from every evil thing. He was very wealthy and blessed by God in all things, as was none other of the inhabitants of the land of Ausis, his homeland, which lies between Idumea and Arabia. But by divine permission, that he might be tried, he was suddenly deprived of his children, wealth, glory, and every consolation, and was covered with grievous sores over all his body. Some say that he endured courageously in this unparalleled calamity for seven whole years. Then, by divine blessing, he was restored again to a prosperity even more illustrious than the first. Having lived after his affliction for 170 years, he reposed full of days at the age of 240, in the year 1350 B.C. Others say that his affliction lasted only one year, and that he lived thereafter 140 years, living 210 years altogether.

Sophia of Kleisoura

Our Holy Father Seraphim the Struggler of Mt. Domvu


Memorial Services/Μνημόσυνα – Today we pray for the repose of the soul of the servants of God Nicholas Monios (40 days) and Vasiliki (Bessie) Varonos (40 days). May their memory be eternal.

Σήμερα προσευχόμαστε υπέρ αναπαύσεως της ψυχής των κεκοιμημένων δούλων του Θεού Νικολάου Μόνιου (40 ημέρες) και Βασιλικής Βαρόνου (40 ημέρες). Αιωνία σας η μνήμη αξιομακάριστοι και αείμνηστοι αδελφοί ημών.

Social Hour – Sponsored by Linda Monios & Varonos family.


  • Kids ‘n’ Cancer reception is May 6th at 2:00 pm in Newport Beach, CA.
  • 2018 high school and college graduates. We would like to honor you with a small gift for your accomplishments. If you are graduating this year please email Karen or call 562-416-5565.

Sunday School – Join us to celebrate Mother’s Day & Sunday School Graduation

When: Sunday, May 13 after church

Where: Betty Reckas Cultural Center


Festival News – Be a Part of our Annual Festival – Labor Day Weekend! This year marks the 69th Annual Long Beach Greek Festival and we look forward to a fantastic year of Eat, Drink and Dance to celebrate our culture and our community! To make this year’s Festival another successful celebration of our culture, we ask you to sign up and contribute to our Festival Necessities Campaign. The Necessity contributions are the foundation of our Festival and we cannot do it without your help. Please look for sign-up forms in the Narthex table and make your pledge today to support our 2018 Festival. Thank you!!

May’s Prosforo – Prosforo for the month of May is donated by Alex & Peggy Dogris & Ronnea Santamarina. Thank you. If you wish to donate the prosforo please call Voula at the church office.

Request for 2017 Year-End Tax Receipt – Contact Voula at or call 562.494.8929 to request your church year-end tax receipt for 2017.