Sunday, 3/11

  • + Γ’ Νηστειών (Σταυροπροσκηνήσεως). Sunday of Holy Cross
  • Orthros 8:45 am, Divine Liturgy 10:00 am
  • Altar Boys: Team Matthew – Elias Eleopoulos C, Dennis Dalkos C, Panayotis Christidis, Alexander Eleopoulos, Nikolas Eleopoulos, Paul Dunbar, Andrew Girgis
  • Philoptochos: General meeting following Church Services & Lenten Bake Sale
  • Sunday School
  • Choir practice 9:00 am
  • Goya Basketball: Assumption vs St. Katherine (Home)

Wednesday, 3/14

  • + Προηγιασμένη Λειτουργία. Pre-sanctified Liturgy 10 am
  • Panagia’s Little Lambs 10:30 am – 11:30 am
  • Greek School 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm

Friday, 3/16

  • + Δ’ Χαιρετισμοί. 4th Salutations to the Theotokos 7:00 pm
  • PeeWee Basketball 5pm – 6pm
  • GOYA Basketball practice 6pm – 9pm

Sunday, 3/18

  • + Δ’ Νηστειών (Ιωάννη Κλίμακος). Sunday of St. john Climacus
  • Orthros 8:45 am, Divine Liturgy 10:00 am
  • Altar Boys: Team Luke – Nick Tavlarides C, Peter Vagelatos C, John Vagelatos, Roberto Cardenas, Panagiotis Batsaras, Vasili Lioulias.
  • Philoptochos: General meeting following Church Services & Lenten Bake Sale
  • Sunday School
  • Choir Practice 9:00 am
  • Goya Basketball: Assumption vs St. Sophia (Away)

Saints and Feasts

Sunday of the Holy Cross – With the help of God, we have almost reached the middle of the course of the Fast, where our strength has been worn down through abstinence, and the full difficulty of the labour set before us becomes apparent. Therefore our holy Mother, the Church of Christ, now brings to our help the all-holy Cross, the joy of the world, the strength of the faithful, the staff of the just, and the hope of sinners, so that by venerating it reverently, we might receive strength and grace to complete the divine struggle of the Fast.

Sophronius, Patriarch of Jerusalem – This Saint was born in Damascus. As a young man he became a monk at the Monastery of Saint Theodosius the Cenobiarch in Palestine, where he met John Moschus and became his close friend. Having a common desire to search out ascetics from whom they could receive further spiritual instruction, they journeyed together through Palestine, Syria, Asia Minor, and Egypt, where they met the Patriarch of Alexandria, Saint John the Almsgiver, with whom they remained until 614, when Persians captured Jerusalem (see also Saint Anastasius the Persian, Jan. 22). Saint Sophronius and John Moschus departed Alexandria for Rome, where they remained until 619, the year of John Moschus’ death. Saint Sophronius returned to the Monastery of Saint Theodosius the Cenobiarch, and there buried the body of his friend. He laboured much in defence of the Holy Fourth Council of Chalcedon, and traveled to Constantinople to remonstrate with Patriarch Sergius and the Emperor Heraclius for changing the Orthodox Faith with their Monothelite teachings. After the death of Patriarch Modestus in December of 634, Sophronius was elected Patriarch of Jerusalem. Although no longer in the hands of the Persians, the Holy Land was now besieged by the armies of the newly-appeared religion of Mohammed, which had already taken Bethlehem; in the Saint’s sermon for the Nativity of our Lord in 634, he laments that he could not celebrate the feast in Bethlehem. In 637, for the sins of the people, to the uttermost grief of Saint Sophronius, the Caliph Omar captured Jerusalem. Having tended the flock of his Master for three years and three months, Saint Sophronius departed in peace unto Him Whom he loved on March 11, 638.

Saint Sophronius has left to the Church many writings, including the life of Saint Mary of Egypt. The hymn “O Joyous Light,” which is wrongly ascribed to him, is more ancient than Saint Basil the Great, as the Saint himself confirms in his work “On the Holy Spirit” (ch. 29). However, it seems that this hymn, which was chanted at the lighting of the lamps and was formerly called “The Triadic Hymn,” was later supplemented somewhat by Saint Sophronius, bringing it into the form in which we now have it. Hence, some have ascribed it to him.

Theodora the Righteous


Philoptochos News – Please join us on Sunday, March 11 for our first General Meeting of 2018 to review and approve our budget. Our guest speakers will be Denise Manos and Maria Kootsikas who will talk on Women’s Heart Health and the affects of cholesterol, blood sugar and your prescribed medications. A light lunch will be served. Don’t miss it!

We will also be having our annual Lenten Bake Sale with all proceeds going to Holy Cross/Hellenic College. You can still enjoy some excellent Greek desserts and sweets during Lenten or “fasting” periods. Whether you’re observing religious tradition or suffer from food allergies, know that many of the desserts featured here are dairy-free and do not contain eggs, so you can enjoy them guilt free.

Social Hour – Sponsored by Philoptochos.

Upcoming Memorial Services – March 18 – Demetris Castritis (6 months) & Georgios Kastanas (6 months).

Flowers for the Panagia – We would like to have our icon of the Panagia decorated with flowers for the Salutation Services each Friday. If you would like to donate please send your donation to the office. Thank you.

Greek School – Greek School is getting ready for their Greek “Independence Day” Celebration. It will be held in the Church Hall on Sunday, March 25, 2018 after services. You are all welcome to come and see the Greek school students reciting their poems and enjoy a delicious lunch.

Save the Date – Friday, March 30 – Holy Week Retreat at 6:00 pm

Good Friday Luminaries – Don’t forget to order your Luminaries to light the path around the church with the names of the loved ones or wishes for good health on Good Friday night during the Epitaphios proccesion. Deadline is Palm Sunday April 1.

Easter Baking (place your order/s) – Pascha is approaching – April 8th … A time of renewal, celebration and tradition…. Tsourekia, Koulourakia, and beautiful red eggs! Kourambiedes and Bakalva also available!

Don’t have enough time to bake these traditional sweets?? Leave it up to the awesome and talented ladies of Philoptochos; we will do it for you!

Pre orders are now being accepted by calling Voula at the church office (562-494-8929) or email Kathy Bastas (

  • Tsourekia =$15.00 (available April 1, Palm Sunday)
  • Koulourakia = $8.00 – 1 dozen
  • Kourambiedes = $12.00 – 1 dozen
  • Baklava = $2.00 a piece
  • Red Eggs = $6.00 – 1 dozen (orders only)

Request for 2017 Year-End Tax Receipt – Contact Voula at or call 562.494.8929 to request your church year-end tax receipt for 2017.