Worship Services, Meetings and Activities – This Week – December 04, 2016

Sunday, 12/4

  • Ι’ Λουκά. (Βαρβάρας μεγαλ.) 10th Sunday Luke (Barbara the Great Martyr)
  • Orthros 8:45 am, Divine Liturgy 10:00 am
  • Parish Elections
  • Bookstore

Monday, 12/5

  • Great Vespers at St. Nicholas church in Northridge 7:00 pm

Tuesday, 12/6

  • Νικολάου Μύρων. Nicholas the Wonderworker.
  • Orthros 9:00 am, Divine Liturgy 10:00 am at Rose Hills, Whittier

Wednesday, 12/7

  • Panagia’s Little Lambs 10:30 am – 11:30 am
  • Adult Orthodoxy class & Bible study 6pm – 7pm
  • Greek school 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm

Thursday, 12/8

  • Philoptochos sponsors: Trinity Foster Homes Christmas party 4pm – 8pm

Friday, 12/9

  • Futsal game 6 pm – 7 pm

Saturday, 12/10

  • Philoptochos: Light the Path

Sunday, 12/11

  • ΙA’ Λουκά. 11th Sunday Luke
  • Orthros 8:45 am, Divine Liturgy 10:00 am
  • Philoptochos Christmas luncheon

Saints and Feasts

  • 10th Sunday of Luke
  • Barbara the Great Martyr – Saint Barbara was from Heliopolis of Phoenicia and lived during the reign of Maximian. – She was the daughter of a certain idolater named Dioscorus. When Barbara came of age, she was enlightened in her pure heart and secretly believed in the Holy Trinity. About this time Dioscorus began building a bath-house; before it was finished he was required to go away to attend to certain matters, and in his absence Barbara directed the workmen to build a third window in addition to the two her Father had commanded. She also inscribed the sign of the Cross with her finger upon the marble of the bath-house, leaving the saving sign cut as deeply into the marble as if it had been done with an iron too. (When the Synaxarion of Saint Barbara was written, the marble of the bath-house and the cross inscribed by Saint Barbara were still preserved, and many healings were worked there.) When Dioscorus returned, he asked why the third window had been added; Barbara began to declare to him the mystery of the Trinity. Because she refused to renounce her faith, Dioscorus tortured Barbara inhumanely, and after subjecting her to many sufferings he beheaded her with his own hands, in the year 290.
  • John the Righteous of Damascus – Saint John was born in Damascus about the year 675, the son of wealthy and pious parents, of the family of Mansur. He was reared together with Saint Cosmas (see Oct. 14), who had been adopted by John’s father Sergius, a man of high rank in the service of the Caliph of Damascus. Both of these young men were instructed by a certain monk, also named Cosmas, who had been taken captive in Italy by the Arabs and later ransomed by John’s Father. Saint John became a great philosopher and enlightener of the age in which he lived, and was honoured by the Caliph with the dignity of counsellor. When Emperor Leo the Isaurian (reigned 717-741) began his war on the holy icons, John wrote epistles defending their veneration. Since the Saint, being under the Caliph of Damascus, was beyond Leo’s power, the Iconoclast Emperor had a letter forged in John’s handwriting which invited Leo to attack Damascus, saying the city guard was then weak; Leo then sent this letter to the Caliph, who in his fury punished John’s supposed treason with the severing of his right hand. The Saint obtained the Caliph’s Permission to have his severed hand again, and that night prayed fervently to the most holy Theotokos before her icon. She appeared to him in a dream and healed his hand, which, when he awoke, he found to be healed in truth. This Miracle convinced the Caliph of his innocence, and he restored John to his office as counsellor. The Saint, however, with many pleadings obtained his permission to withdraw from the world to become a monk. He assumed the monastic habit in the Monastery of Saint Sabbas. Then he had as elder a very simple and austere monk who commanded him neither to write to anyone, nor to speak of the worldly knowledge he had acquired, and John faithfully obeyed. A monk grieving over his brother’s death, however, after insisting vehemently, prevailed upon John to write a funeral hymn to console him for his brother’s death. When John’s elder learned of his transgression of the rule he had given him, he cast him out of his cell, and would only accept him back after John had humbly, with much self-condemnation and without murmuring consented to clean all the latrines in the lavra. After his elder had received him back, our Lady appeared to the elder and sternly charged him not to hinder John any longer from his writings and composition of hymns.In his writings he fought courageously against the Iconoclasts Leo the Isaurian and his son Constantine Copronymus. He was also the first to write a refutation of Islam. The time he had spent as a counsellor in the courts of the Moslems of Damascus had given him opportunity to learn their teachings at first hand, and he wrote against their errors with a sound understanding of their essence. Saint John was surnamed Chrysorroas (“Golden-stream”) because of the eloquence of his rhetorical style and the great abundance of his writings; this name – Chrysorroas was also the name of the river that flows by Damascus. In his writings he set forth the Orthodox Faith with exactness and order. In his old age, after his foster-brother Cosmas had been made Bishop of Maiuma, John also was ordained presbyter by the Patriarch of Jerusalem. Having lived eighty-four years, he reposed in peace in 760. In addition to his theological writings, he adorned the Church of Christ with metrical and prose hymns and composed many of the prosomia used as the models for the melodies of the Church’s liturgical chant; he also composed many of the sacred hymns for the feasts of the Lord Saviour and the Theotokos. The life of Saint John of Damascus was written by John, Patriarch of Jerusalem. See also June 28.

Memorial Service/Μνημόσυνo – Today we pray for the repose of the soul of the departed servants of God Paraskevi (Vivi), Castritis (3 years) and Efthimios (Sam) Froudakis (7 years). May their memory be eternal.


Σήμερα προσευχόμαστε υπέρ αναπαύσεως της ψυχής των κεκοιμημένων δούλων του Θεού Παρασκευής Καστρίτη (3 χρόνια) και Ευθυμίου Φρουδάκη (7 χρόνια). Αιωνία σας η μνήμη αξιομακάριστοι και αείμνηστοι αδελφοί ημών.

Churching – 40 days baby-blessing of Nicholas Karmiris, son of Christopher and Christina Karmiris. Congratulations

Social Hour – Sponsored by Dimitris Castritis & family, Connie & Koula Froudakis and family.

Christmas Card – Again this year the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Choir is sponsoring a Community Christmas Card. All the proceeds will go towards the church’s organ replacement fund. Please support this effort by entering your family’s name in the card for $25 per line. The form is posted in November’s news letter and weekly bulletin.

December’s Prosforo – Prosforo for the month of December is donated by Mina Russos. Thank you.

Upcoming Memorial Services – December 11 – Anthony Belli (40 days)

Trinity Youth Services – Sponsored by Philoptochos. We need your help in making 60 children’s wishes come true! Absolute deadline is Sunday, December 18 to bring in all gifts. Please support our church ministry in helping bring smiles to these children’s faces. For questions, please contact: Matoula Batshoun, Event Co-Chair: (714) 705-9316, Sofie Batshoun, Event Co-Chair: (714) 705-9314 or Karen Fic, Philoptochos President: (562) 416-5565

Special Note – Please note that the services and events posted in the monthly news letter’s calendar are subject to change; please refer to weekly bulletin for current schedule info.

Greek Dance – Blanket Drive Diakonia – On these chilly nights, let us please think about those who may need help staying warm. Please bring new or used blankets (in a bag) to church (gym/education building). All blankets will be donated to the Long Beach Rescue Mission.

Bookstore – Start your holiday shopping early at the Assumption Bookstore. Come & see our great collection of icons, books, cards and ornaments. Items for all ages. It will be open today, on Sunday, Dec. 11 and Dec. 18.

Jorge’s 3rd week of vacation – Jorge, our church custodian, will be out of his duties from Friday, 12/23 to Monday, 1/2/17.