Worship Services, Meetings and Activities – December 11, 2016

Sunday, 12/11

  • ΙA’ Λουκά. 11th Sunday Luke
  • Orthros 8:45 am, Divine Liturgy 10:00 am
  • Philptochos Christmas luncheon
  • Bookstore open

Wednesday, 12/14

  • Panagia’s Little Lambs 10:30 am – 11:30 am
  • Greek school Christmas party 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm

Friday, 12/16

  • Futsal game 6 pm – 7 pm

Sunday, 12/18

  • Προ της Χριστού Γεννήσεως. Sunday before Nativity
  • Orthros 8:45 am, Divine Liturgy 10:00 am
  • Sunday school Christmas Pageant
  • Bookstore open

Saints and Feasts

  • 11th Sunday of Luke – On the Sunday that occurs on or immediately after the eleventh of this month, we commemorate Christ’s forefathers according to the flesh, both those that came before the Law, and those that lived after the giving of the Law. Special commemoration is made of the Patriarch Abraham, to whom the promise was first given, when God said to him, “In thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed” (Gen. 22:18). This promise was given some two thousand years before Christ, when Abraham was seventy-five years of age. God called him and commanded him to forsake his country, parents, and kinsmen, and to depart to the land of the Canaanites. When he arrived there, God told him, “I will give this land to thy seed” (Gen. 12:7); for this cause, that land was called the “Promised Land,” which later became the country of the Hebrew people, and which is also called Palestine by the historians. There, after the passage of twenty-four years, Abraham received God’s law concerning circumcision. In the one hundredth year of his life, when Sarah was in her ninetieth year, they became the parents of Isaac. Having lived 175 years altogether, he reposed in peace, a venerable elder full of days.
  • Daniel the Stylite of Constantinople – This Saint was from the village of Marutha in the region of Samosata in Mesopotamia. He became a monk at the age of twelve. After visiting Saint Symeon the Stylite (see Sept. 1) and receiving his blessing, he was moved with zeal to follow his marvellous way of life. At the age of forty-two, guided by providence, he came to Anaplus in the environs of Constantinople, in the days of the holy Patriarch Anatolius (see July 3), who was also healed by Saint Daniel of very grave malady and sought to have him live near him. Upon coming to Anaplus, Saint Daniel first lived in the church of the Archangel Michael, but after some nine years, Saint Symeon the Stylite appeared to him in a vision, commanding him to imitate his own ascetical struggle upon a pillar. The remaining thirty-three years of his life he stood for varying periods on three pillars, one after another. He stood immovable in all weather, and once his disciples found him covered with ice after a winter storm. He was a counsellor of emperors; the pious emperor Leo the Great fervently loved him and brought his royal guests to meet him. It was at Saint Daniel’s word that the holy relics of Saint Symeon the Stylite were brought to Constantinople from Antioch, and it was in his days that the Emperor Leo had the relics of the Three Holy Children brought from Babylon. Saint Daniel also defended the Church against the error of the Eutychians. Having lived through the reigns of the Emperors Leo, Zeno, and Basiliscus, he reposed in 490, at the age of eighty-four.
  • Luke the New Stylite of Chalcedon


  • Memorial Service/Μνημόσυνo – Today we pray for the repose of the soul of the departed servant of God Anthony Belli (40 days). May his memory be eternal.
  • We are happy to celebrate Divine Liturgy today, with Father Simeon Poptelecan during Father Christo’s absent. Father Simeon, we welcome you with love and appreciation.
  • Social Hour – Sponsored by Sam and Kathy Gabriel and family.
  • Philoptochos – Our annual Christmas luncheon will be today in the church hall. It is always a special afternoon. We are hoping all Philoptochos members attend.
  • Christmas Card – LAST CALL, Sunday, Dec. 11, to be included in the Community Christmas Card.
  • Upcoming Memorial Services – December 18 – Dimitar Lalev Kalchev (5 years)
  • Special Note – Please note that the services and events posted in the monthly news letter’s calendar are subject to change; please refer to weekly bulletin for current schedule info.
  • Greek Dance – Blanket Drive Diakonia. On these chilly nights, let us please think about those who may need help staying warm. Please bring new or used blankets (in a bag) to church (gym/education building). All blankets will be donated to the Long Beach Rescue Mission.
  • Bookstore – Start your holiday shopping early at the Assumption Bookstore. Come & see our great collection of icons, books, cards and ornaments. Items for all ages. It will be open today and on Sunday, Dec. 18.
  • Jorge’s 3rd week of vacation – Jorge, our church custodian will be out of his duties from Friday, 12/23 to Monday, 1/2/17.