I’m Karen Fic and am so honored to be elected as President of Long Beach Chapter of Philoptochos. It is a pleasure for me to introduce you all to our new board.  Mary Lofton, Vice President, Angela Watkins, Treasurer, Lia Kakaris, Secretary, Sofie Batshoun, Correspondence Secretary and Bobbie Soupos, Advisor. Board Members are Matoula Batshoun, Andria Salsman, Eftihia Missios, Olympia Stapakis, Denise Manos, Paris Kastanas and Kay Platis.  We are all excited be begin a new year. We are always looking for ladies and men to be a part of Philoptochos.  It’s easy and fun to be a Philptochos member.  There will be membership envelopes each Sunday at the Philoptochos table or you can contact me at 562-416-5565 and I will be happy to send one out to you.

We are midway through summer but that is just the beginning of the many things taking place with Philoptochos.

Do you have a special Lenten recipe that you would like to share? Share it with us for our church Name Day celebration.  We will need Lenten desserts to complete our dessert reception on August 14th.  If you have any questions, please contact any Philoptochos Board member or call Voula at the church office.

Festival is just around the corner.  If you haven’t had a chance to help with baking, now is the time.  There are still many items to prepare and your hands are always welcome to help.  You can call the office for more information.  Remember our festival is successful because of all those who help.

School is starting soon and many children will begin school without as much as paper and a pencil.  Please remember our PHILOPTOCHOS SUMMER PROJECT will continue through August.  Just stop by the Philoptochos table and drop off your donation of a backpack and school supplies.

Each September Long Beach and Anaheim Philoptochos chapters join as “THE LOVELY LADIES OF PHILOPTOCHOS” in The Race for the Cure, Susan Koman Breast Cancer Walk.  This year it will be held on September 27th.  If you are interested in signing up please see Kathy Bastas.  There will be more information posted at the Philoptochos table after church each Sunday.

This year all Philoptohos chapters have been directed to feed the hungry.  We will be working with FOCUS to help feed those in need in Long Beach.  Please watch the bulletin for more information.

Thanksgiving food drive will be coming soon.  This is a church project and we have all been blessed to be able to supply so many families with a complete Thanksgiving dinner.  Check the church bulletin for additional Philoptochos news.

Thank you all for all your love and continued support to our Long Beach Philoptochos chapter.

Karen Fic, President